About EurMA

LLC "European Medical Alliance", reg.no: 147124109, founded in 2007. The main goals and objectives of our company are the promotion of progressive methods of treatment and drugs. We unite the efforts of many companies and organizations, exchange experience and choose the best. Our colleagues are medical companies from different countries and continents. That's why our company is called Alliance. In the face of the 2020 pandemic, we have refocused and expanded our operations. Particular attention in our activities today is paid to promoting medicines to fight the pandemic and help promote innovative drugs and vaccines for COVID-19. Today our company has reached a new level of cooperation with institutions and foundations from different countries that have joined the difficult fight against the pandemic. In 2020, we completed the first projects, including pre-investment audit and business diagnostics projects, which determined the further development of the company. For ourselves, we have identified the most important, in our opinion, areas: consulting and market access.


We are professional corporate consultants specializing in healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. We analyze markets, plan new product launches and support investment decisions in the CIS and Central Asia.


Our team

Igor Berezovskyi
Igor BerezovskyiCEO EurMAoffice@eurma.eu
Russia, CIS, Balkans, Latin America
Thomas Rieger
Thomas RiegerCEO Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH thomas.rieger@solarkiosk.eu
Germany, Switzerland, Africa
Vasil Krumov
Vasil KrumovCEO VS Delta Investment LLPKrumov@eurma.eu
Arab region, Asia, Greece